Wednesday, 29 November 2017

A More Profitable Writing Niche

There is so much advice around about working online.

And one of the things that is spouted the most is the need to work within a small niche. The smaller the better, according to many.

And it’s the same with writing when people say to write within a tight niche.

For instance, if you’re going to write a book or start a blog about business management, a more profitable, and more targeted niche would be hotel management.

And I’ve come across many people who also write about just one type of writing such as SEO or copywriting or article marketing, and say that just knowing about this one type of writing will help you make more money.

And while I think these ways of writing will help, I also think you need to know more than just one thing.

I don’t niche down so tightly when it comes to how to earn money from writing because you need to know much more than just one thing that can help you.

For example, being good at SEO won’t help you make more sales if the books you write aren’t great.

And learning how to get more traffic to your site won’t help you if your content is boring.

Likewise, learning how to write great content won’t help you if you have poor marketing skills.

You see, you need a broad knowledge of many related things to be successful. Learning to be good at just one thing won’t do it.

That’s why my narrow niche of writing is broad enough to encompass everything I need to know.

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