Wednesday, 18 January 2017

New Year Writing Resolutions

“Two Thousand And Seventeen On Laptop Shows New Years Resolution” by Stuart Miles
Now that we’ve entered a New Year many people are working on their New Year writing resolutions.

I know they are because I’ve been selling more writing ebooks than usual recently.

And from all the talk online it seems that most writers are trying to earn more money from their writing this year, and some even have a set amount they’re working towards.

I have done the same thing many times.

But the problem is that you can’t actually be sure of how much money you’re going to earn.

So what I do is have an idea of how much I want to earn and then I look at how I’m going to do it.

- What books am I going to write?

- How will I market them?

- How many blog posts will I write?

- How will I increase my blog and website traffic?

- What am I going to do to get more subscribers?

These are the things I can control. It’s up to me how much I write and how I market things. But I have no real control over my exact income.

So I make a plan of what I’m going to do and I stick to it.

And then the following year I look back over what I did, what worked and what didn’t and then I make a new plan to do even better next year.

Making plans for things that I can control (like writing) works better than making plans for things I can’t control (like exact income amounts).

And as long as I’m working my plan, I’m moving forward towards my financial goal.

How about you?

What are your writing and marketing plans for the next 12 months?

What will you be doing differently and doing more of?


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Thursday, 12 January 2017

The Perfect Pet For A Writer

Banjo sitting on bean bagsWhile it’s nice to have a pet, being a writer is boring for animals as you sit and write for hours. 

And there are enough distractions in life so having a pet to distract you as well is something that will also help kill your productivity.

But fortunately I have the perfect pet.

His name is Banjo and he is an ex-racing greyhound.

People usually think that greyhounds are not only active dogs but they are also aggressive.

This idea comes from seeing them at the race track, running while wearing a wire muzzle over their face.

But this idea of energetic, angry dogs is the complete opposite of their real nature.

And Banjo is completely compatible with my writing life.

Home - At home he sits quietly for hours. Greyhounds are one of the most inactive breeds of dog and are complete couch potatoes. Banjo quietly sits by my side every day while I write.

Out - Although he sit quietly, he also loves his daily walk. When he knows it’s getting near his walk time he paces up and down wagging his tail so I know I have to go out. And the exercise does us both good and helps me clear my head and get even better ideas for my writing.

Quiet - Greyhounds are well-known for their lack of barking and rarely make a noise. Even if someone knocks at the door, Banjo won’t make a sound, so no one knows I’m at home which is the way I like it.

This is why I love having a greyhound. He sits quietly all day, he makes sure I get a walk every day and he’s well trained to walk calmly on a leash. Plus he doesn’t bark, no matter what noise he hears or who comes to the door.

He is so quiet and still most of the time that I can get plenty of writing done.

He’s also cute and affectionate.

What more could I ask from my four-legged companion.

We adopted Banjo from Friends of the Hound.

If you're looking for a quiet, un-disruptive pet, a greyhound could be just what you're looking for.


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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Why I Hate Writing

“Worried Man Sitting On White” by Master isolated images
Being a writer isn’t always easy.

In fact, most days it can seem really difficult.

People think it’s easy to sit at home and write. Some even say it’s “Not a proper job.”

But I earn all my income from my writing so it is a proper job.

Not only that, but no one ever sees how much I actually write because not everything gets published, for various reasons, including projects I abandon part-way through and things I delete completely and start from scratch.

And if those two things aren’t soul-destroying enough, there are three other reasons that make it hard.

  1. It’s a Solitary Job. When I write, even when I collaborate on projects with another writer like The Wealthy Writer and Copyright Infringement, I still work alone. I don’t answer the phone or the door and I can’t sit with anyone else because if they say just one thing to me it breaks my train of thought.

  2. I Can’t Think of Anything Else. When I’m writing I can’t think of anything else because I have to stay focused on what I’m doing. So when other thoughts jump into my head, “I wonder what the time is? What will I make for dinner? Do the plants need watering? Why did I stay up so late last night? I wish the neighbour’s dog would stop barking,” I have to chase them away.

  3. It Requires 100% Focus and Concentration. Sometimes I’m completely enthralled in my work and can spend hours in a huge window of inspiration and creativity. Other times I have to force myself to focus on what I’m doing but it’s difficult and the words simply won’t come. But I know that if I keep trying, it will get easier.

And with no one to tell me what to do and no boss standing over me cracking a whip, staying focused and getting work done is twice as hard.

So why do I write for a living if it’s so hard?

Because It’s equally (if not more) a great way to earn money.

Being a writer is just something that I’ve wanted to do all my life so when I decided to make it my career, it didn’t come as a surprise.

I couldn’t imagine not being a writer.

I just couldn’t.

There really is nothing else I want to do.


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Thursday, 5 January 2017

How to Earn Money Online Before You Go To Bed Tonight

“Businesswoman Is Thinking About Bonus Money” by iosphere
If you want to earn money from everything you write, then there MUST be a way for you to be able to do that.

What I mean is that if you write a blog post, how will you earn money from it?

One of the easiest and quickest ways is through PPC advertising.

But for this to work well, your blog posts need to be as Search Engine Optimised as possible.

This means that what you write needs to be not only helpful to your readers, but it needs to contain the correct keywords so that the ads displayed on your blog page are appropriate for your readers too.

PPC ads work on algorithms so the software needs to know what your articles are about, so a quick bit of keyword research can make a huge difference.

And the right content with the best keywords can easily result in people clicking on your ads straight away.

And you may think that earning a dollar or two a day for clicks on your ads isn’t much, but once you have a hundred or more pages of content online, each containing several ads, the revenue can surprise you.

There are writers who do this for a living.

They never waste time writing something that doesn’t have an opportunity for them to earn money.

The first time I ever put PPC ads on my website, I earned money from them the same day.

And this is only one small way to earn money as an online writer.

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